Parcours fireplace


General information

Can I come spontaneously?


May I take the dog with me?

Yes and no 

  • No: In the open-air swimming pool area, i.e. cash house, mini parcours, instruction parcours, pick-nick places + barbecue places.
  • Yes: in the woods, but the dogs are stressed in the rope park because someone is constantly whizzing past above the dog's head by zip line, etc.
    > The Hardwald is a large, beautiful forest, which is ideal for a dog walk with a third person.


Which means of payment are accepted?

  • Yes: EC-Direct, Postcard, V-Pay, Twint, cash
  • No: Credit card

Can I pay with Reka?


When and why do I have to pay CHF 7 as an accompanying person?

Because the ticket office, instruction course, miniparcours, sanitary facilities, picnic areas, barbecue areas with free wood are in the outdoor pool area. The CHF 7 corresponds to an open-air swimming pool ticket. As an accompanying person, you are entitled to go swimming in the outdoor pool.

Outside the outdoor swimming pool season April - Sept. - Oct the accompanying persons are free !

Is there a family discount?

Yes, if a father or mother goes climbing with their own children, there is a family discount:

  • CHF 10 per teen / kid
  • CHF 5 per mini

If I have a pool subscription, do I pay CHF 7 as an accompanying person?

No, if the subscription shows when it is valid. Or if you are already in the swimming area then you pay nothing.

Do I pay less if I have a pool subscription?

No - we are an independent SME and do not belong to the Municipality of Kloten.

Do I pay less if I am employed by the town of Kloten?

No - we are an independent SME and do not belong to the Municipality of Kloten.


May I come climbing alone?

Yes, from the age of 16.

At what age do I no longer need adult supervision?

From the age of 16 until they reach the age of majority, young people must inform their legal guardian verbally in advance.

Can I come climbing at the age of 67?

Yes, if your health permits. There is no age limit.

Opening hours

On which public holidays is the Seilpark open?

  • Easter (Sa - Mo)
  • Sächseläuten
  • 1 May - Labour Day
  • Ascension Day
  • Mother's Day
  • Whitsun (Sa - Mo)
  • Corpus Christi
  • Knabenschiessen

When is Monday open?

  • School holidays
  • Holidays like Easter Monday, Sächseläuten, Knabenschiessen, Whit Monday
  • Groups from 15 climbers on request

Bad weather

Is the rope park open when it rains?

Yes, we are also open when it rains. If no one is climbing 3 hours before closing time, we close early.

Which clothes are suitable for wet conditions?

waterproof shoe, rain trousers, rain jacket which is breathable (no rubber boots)

Adults with children
What is the gripping height?

Minimum gripping height - from foot to palm with highly stretched arm

  • 1.15 m - Mini - 4 years and older
  • 1.35 m - Kids - 6 years and older
  • 1.55 m - Teen - 8 years and older

Is a declaration of consent required from non-parents?

No. As an adult person with the child, you assume responsibility for the child.

Up to what age do I have to accompany my child climbing?

Up to and including the age of 15. From the age of 16, the young person can come to the ticket office alone and buy their ticket if they have informed a parent or legal guardian verbally.