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Our Team

Good employees are always in demand. Best in November for the coming season(s)...

You bring along...
  • Affinity to climbing Indoor / Outdoor
  • Fit, healthy, resilient
  • motivated to work outdoors in all weathers
  • customer-friendly from a 4-year-old child to the CEO of a large company
  • economic, independent + exact working method
  • extroverted, security conscious
  • team player + alert mind
  • flexible everyday life, seasonal operation, work from Mon - Sun
  • Understanding Swiss-German is a must
We offer...
  • diversified task with responsibility
  • workplace in the great outdoors
  • committed, motivated + well-rehearsed team
  • broad customer segment
  • thrills + adrenaline at work
  • Letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae with photo
  • important certificates (school & employer)
Bild von Susanne

«Come and let the rope park spirit infect you!»


Owner / Managing Director

Bild von Beat

«A tree doesn't make a forest yet, but many trees make a rope park.»


Day responsibility, rescuer, bow, barbecue, shopping, guide

Bild von Romana

«feel free und hang around! :-)»


Day responsibility, rescuer, barbecue, maintenance, guide

Bild von Matthias

«The best rope park climber is the one who has the most fun.»


Rescuer, bow, guide

Bild von Sissi

«Action and fun high up in the trees - what more could you want... :)»


Day responsibility, rescuer, guide

Bild von Chris

«Scared is what you're feeling. Brave is what you're doing.»


Supervisor, guide

Bild von Sandro

«Don't hang around»


Rescuer, barbecue, guide

Bild von Ronja

«Show your colleague what you're made of!»


Supervisor, bow, guide

Bild von Andi

«If you don't dare, you don't win!»


Supervisor, guide

Bild von Ellie

«Set yourself a higher goal.»


Guide, supervisor

Bild von Nici

«Climbing in the rope park is simply fun! Come and see for yourself.»



Bild von Tina

«...coming soon...»



Bild von Daniela

«Rather get stuck in the ropes than get lost in the numbers!»


Accounting, kiosk

Bild von Lukas

«Safety first !»


Safety officer, technical manager, trainer

Bild von Alex

«Overcome your hurdles, pack up enough courage and enjoy a day with us without worries, but with a lot of excitement, play and fun.»


Rescuer, trainer, guide

Bild von Ändi

«The ropes and nature are said to have magical powers together!»


Supervisor, barbecue, bow, guide