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Bild für " Fit for the weekend"
Fit for the weekend: challenging climbing, a bear & Snack for only CHF 40 from 18.15 - 21.00. Colleagues are waiting ....
Fit for the weekend
Bild für "Robin Hood"

Guide animated: intuitive aiming with bow and arrow on targets

animated like in the jungle - for 10 persons CHF 500 flat rate.

only by appointment

Robin Hood

Single / Family Entrance Fees

Order Online Tickets  for Saturday / Sunday / Holidays

  • Online tickets can be purchased up to 24 hours in advance.
  • spontaneously determined people buy their ticket at the cash desk
  • Tickets with family discounts are only available at the ticket office.

Rope park entrance
incl. outdoor pool during the season


grip height *3



h *2

Supervision *5

Adults (max. 120 kg)
Climbing after work *1

1.55 m




Trainee 17 - 25 years (identification)

Climbing after work *1

1.55 m




From 16 years independent
visit with verbal agreement
of the parents

Teen 8 - 16 years 

1.55 m




8 - 11 years climbing along
12 - 15 years from the ground
or climbing along

Kid 6-7 years 

1.35 m




from the ground or
climbing along

Mini 4 - 5 years 

1.15 m




from the ground

Accompanying person without climbing from 19 years on
Accompanying child without climbing 6 - 18 years old


Only during outdoor season

whole day

*1 2 hours before closing time

*2 Rental period of the climbing equipment from the beginning of the instruction
*3 Minimum gripping height (from foot to palm of the hand with the arm extended upwards)

*4 from 14 years

*5 Recommendation: 4 children per adult

 maximum weight: 120kg
Family discount - min. 1 parent climbs with you:

  • CHF 10.00 discount / child - category Kid / Teen
  • CHF 5.00 discount / child - category Mini

Every birthday child climbs exactly on the birthday - no day before or after - free of charge. Applies to every category - even adults. IMPORTANT: against ID only. Happy Birthday we say there...

Means of payment
BargeldCash (CHF)ECMaestro (EC)PostcardPostcardV-PayV-Pay
Price includes
  • tested climbing equipment - all new climbing harnesses for the start of the 2018 season !
  • live instruction with practice course 
  • Course supervision by trained personnel
  • max. 3 hours climbing from instruction - Kids / Minis: max. 2 hours.
  • Entrance to the open-air swimming pool during the open-air season May - Sept.
  • wardrobe for changing clothes during the outdoor swimming pool season
  • barbecue areas with wood - ignition material and small wood not available / kiosk available
  • several picnic tables - CANNOT be reserved
  • playground
  • wardrobe - lock against CHF 10.00 deposit
  • safe-deposit boxes

Accompaniment / Supervision

To supervise more than 6 children per adult from the ground as well as when climbing with them is untrustworthy !

  • Children's course yellow (4 / 5 years old) must be supervised by an adult from the ground.
    If necessary, the child can be actively helped from the ground.
    Recommendation: 4 minis per adult

  • Children's green course (6 years and older) must be supervised from the ground by an adult.
    Verbal support is possible. Climbing is also possible.
    Recommendation: 4 kids per adult

  • Children between 8 and 11 years must be accompanied by an adult during climbing.
    Recommendation: 4 teens per adult

  • Young people from 12 to 15 years of age must be supervised from the ground by an adult.
    If an adult climbs with you, supervision from the ground is no longer necessary. The black course is from the age of 14.
    Recommendation: 6 teenagers per adult

From the age of 16, young people may come climbing independently with the verbal agreement of their parents.

Reservation - 10 persons and more

Groups of less than 10 people either buy their ticket online in advance or buy it spontaneously at the ticket office.

  • for groups of 10 persons or more, a reservation is necessary.
  • in case of a delay of more than 15 minutes, the reservation of equipment is no longer guaranteed
  • as soon as the reservation has been confirmed by the organizer, it is considered definitive
  • every reservation may be cancelled free of charge by e-mail up to 48 hours due to bad weather forecast.
  • in case of non-appearance, the costs will be charged in full according to the reservation
  • tickets will not be refunded if the rope park operation has to be stopped due to a storm
  • Reservation via contact form with details of number of climbers/category

"Excellent from start to finish! Can’t think of a single negative ????"

Hugh O.