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All merchandising articles can be ordered via the contact form with details of the article and desired quantity. Shipping costs plus 25 CHF.

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Bild von Seilpark Memo

«Original memo only with subjects from Seilpark Zürich. Sophisticated couple search ... The fun is guaranteed!»

Seilpark Memo

CHF 7.50 / Memo

Bild von Drybag

«a daily companion for outdoor activities, wraps, shoulder strap, 10 l content»


CHF 18 / Stk.

Bild von Sackmesser

«useful for many outdoor activities, 16 functions, 110 g»


CHF 15 / pocket knife

Bild von Plüsch-Äffli

«cuddly soft plush Äffli in folded cardboard box, 16 cm large»


CHF 6 / monkey

Bild von Popcorn

«Hand-crafted popcorn, crisp caramelized with raspberry, pineapple, apple, blueberry and caramel. 120 g content»


CHF 7.50 / Tube

Bild von LED Stirnlampe

«Seilpark headlamp with 3 vers. Luminous modes, range approx. 8m, lamp adjustable up to 90 °»

LED Stirnlampe

CHF 15 / headlamp incl. Batteries

Bild von USB Stick 16 GB

«Smart - small - large storage capacity: 16 GB»

USB Stick 16 GB

CHF 18

Bild von Hasenförmli

«decorative Easter bunny with lamp ear to attach to coffee cup»



Bild von Postkarten

«the right subject for every taste»



Bild von Planentasche

«Format: 40 x 29 x 10 cm.»


sold out

Bild von Seilpark Taschenlampe

«cool rod flashlight with different settings»

Seilpark Taschenlampe

sold out

Bild von origineller UBS-Aststick

«16 GB»

origineller UBS-Aststick

sold out

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The order must be paid within 10 days in favor of the Seilpark Zurich, 8302 Kloten, IBAN CH23 0070 0110 0030 8411 8 at the Zürcher Kantonalbank. In case of default of prepayment, the order will be canceled.

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