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Business events

The only rope park in the greater Zurich area offers a lot of fun and action for the whole team. Our course diversity is suitable for beginners to professionals. Creativity and quality are our strengths. The success of each individual is guaranteed.


Bild für "Action & fun in the rope park"
  • course from beginner to professional
  • minimum time required: 2 hours
  • group size up to max. 150 people - staggered start
  • weight max. 120 kg CHF 45 / person
Action & fun in the rope park
Bild für "Robin Hood"
  • on unique targets animated by the jungle
  • time required: 2 hours
  • group size max. 24 people
  • CHF 45 / person - minimum flat rate CHF 500
Robin Hood
Bild für "unique mini golf Challenge Indoor"

  • Team event with guide from the rope park
  • experiment with funny balls
  • Time required: approx. 1.5 hours
  • at least 20 people
  • Basic fee CHF 600
  • extras: food, award ceremony

unique mini golf Challenge Indoor
Price includes

  • certified climbing equipment
  • live instruction with training parcours
  • challenging course from beginner to professional
  • constant assistance from trained personnel

  • checked arrow arch material
  • unique targets with jungle motif
  • animated challenge with different tasks

  • outdoor pool entry
  • wardrobe value lockers different sizes

Combined offer with meals

Bild für "each his skewer"
  • climbing or archery
  • 3 course menu: personal skewer with meat and vegetables
  • Drink included from 10 persons
  • Minimum flat rate CHF 1'450
  • every additional persons CHF 95
each his skewer
Bild für "cheese & chocolate fondue"
  • climbing or archery
  • cheese fondue from the fire from the milk can
  • warm chocolate with fruit selection
  • drink included
  • minimum flat rate for max. 10 people CHF 1'100
  • each additional person CHF 85
cheese & chocolate fondue
Bild für "Finger Food"
  • climbing or archery
  • rich, seasonal aperitif
  • drink included
  • minimum flat rate CHF 750
  • each additional person 75
Finger Food
Bild für "Minigolf Challenge Indoor, Fondueplausch Outdoor"
  • Minigolf Challenge Indoor incl. transport
  • Cheese fondue from fire from the milk can
  • Chocolate fondue with fruit
  • drink inclueded
  • from 20 Personen
  • minimum flat rate CHF 1'990
  • each additional person CHF 75
Minigolf Challenge Indoor, Fondueplausch Outdoor

Exklusive offers

Bild für "Look to the stars"

It starts with a delicious stew from the fire, before dimming it goes with headlamps in the rope park to end a Schlumi ready. The world's first lantern course lights its lights.

Minimum flat rate CHF 1'500

per additional person CHF 75 per person

Look to the stars
Bild für "including team competition"

  • Ask Seilpark Zürich & nature
  • individually asked questions

The imagination knows no limits.

Will be charged according to effort.

including team competition
Means of payment
BargeldCash (CHF)ECMaestro (EC)PostcardPostcardV-PayV-PayInvoice: from CHF 500.-
Cancellation terms

Unless otherwise agreed in the order confirmation, the following cancellation conditions apply:

without meals

  • up to 2 days before the event, the reservation can be canceled in writing.
    Cancellation fee CHF 125 if no other agreement
  • shorter than 2 days or no show the order will be fully charged

with food

  • the reservation can be canceled in writing up to 14 days before the event.
    cancellation fee CHF 250
  • 13 to 3 days before the event, the reservation can be canceled in writing.
    Cancellation fee 10% of the order volume shorter than 3 days or no show the order will be fully charged

Book now

Person in charge
Options at a surcharge

  • It is important that the confirmed arrival time is adhered to so that the course can be guaranteed. 
  • The reserved number of participants is binding and will be invoiced. 
  • Non-appearance or cancellation at short notice will be charged.
  • These are outdoor offers which cannot be carried out only in extreme weather conditions. Light rain showers are no problem for safety and fun. Appropriate clothing is necessary.
  • A marquee is available for catering.


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